Medication Management Programs and Services in Frisco, TX

For anyone dealing with mental health disorders, the ability to manage medication is essential to wellness. Adults in poor physical health, and who consequently have multiple prescriptions, are more likely to struggle with taking their medications appropriately and effectively. Sometimes, medications prescribed for medical conditions can exacerbate or even cause behavioral symptoms.

To help you achieve optimal wellness, Haven Behavioral Hospital of Frisco offers a medication management program designed to ensure you are getting the best possible outcomes from your treatment.

Our board-certified clinicians will work with you and your other doctors to coordinate proper dosages, eliminate redundancies and ensure there are no potentially negative drug combinations. Together, our expert staff will work to refine your medication regimen to provide the best solutions from both a psychiatric and medical perspective. Our goal is to keep medication simple — the fewer and more effective the medications you take, the safer and healthier you will be.